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Hard Boiled

They knew Alice was coming, and Alice knew she wasn’t walking away from the Silver Ferret Gangs den looking pretty. She had them counted, eight in total, she’d bring just enough to clear them out. Alice strapped a trench gun to each leg, and readied he Repeater Rifle. She kicked in the door, emptied the repeater into five silver ferrets and dropped it. Tearing a trench gun from it’s hold Alice blew another two Silver Ferrets away. She felt the blade pierce her gut before she noticed the last of the Ferrets, collapsing to the ground, she turned to see the leader of the Ferrets grinning, “Guess it’s just not your day lady.” Two trench gun blasts later and no one was left standing. “Guess you’re right.” Alice said wearing a blood stained smirk.

Extensive training with heavy firearms will grant you the title of Hard Boiled. Weapons acquired in the field do not gain the following bonuses until you’ve spent an hour with them.
Gain Weapons Proficiency with a weapon

Hot Swap: You’ve found it’s far easier to change your weapon when it’s empty instead of reloading. Using a bonus action, you can holster any weapons in your hands and then draw up to two weapons.
Normal: It takes an Item Interaction to Holster or draw a single weapon.

Bump Firing: Using the weapons recoil, you’ve learned how to get a few shots off in rapid succession at the cost of their accuracy. Any firearm with the Single property, and either the Clip or Magazine property, can be treated as Semi-Automatic for a round, although all attacks made that round are made at disadvantage.

Two in One: Some people think Firearms don’t make good weapons, really they’re confused at the fact that firearms are actually two weapons in one. You can make melee attacks with Firearms and not consider them improvised weapons or risk breaking them. Pistols and Revolvers deal 1d6 + Str bludgeoning damage, Rifles and Shotguns deal 1d8 + Str bludgeoning damage. Magical enchantments on the items carry over to these attacks as well.

Modification: A little secret you know and a slight modifications of your weapons has reduced their likelihood of them backfiring. Replace Firearms Experimental quality with the Jams quality.

Recoil Dampener: You don’t have time to aim, a lot of your accuracy comes from point and shoot, as well as your ability to recover from the recoil of your heavy ammunition. You may use Strength as the attack attribute for Firearms with the Heavy attribute as long as the target is with in 30 feet.
Normal: You add Dexterity to your attack roll and damage roll.

Hard Boiled: Injury is part an adventurers life, and you know how to manage even when you’re lights are going out. When you would be reduced to 0 health, make a single attack action at disadvantage before entering dying.

Balance Thoughts

Trimming feat, feat was well over powered when compared to other feats like Crossbow Expert. It’s more so about using what feel like small bonuses to drastically alter your mechanics.

Burst Fire used/abused by Rogues.

Weapon Combo for firearms with Single property, Gut Shot then Two in One.

Treat Firearms as melee weapons, Gut Shot and Recoil Dampening.

Hot swap vs Bump Fire: Hot swap can get a full weapon unload from single shot weapons, likely looking at a potential of 4d10 or 8d10 damage a round with 4 full attacks. Bump Fire grants the same every turn with Disadvantage to hit on each attack, but lets you keep the same weapon for use, useful for Enchanted weapons.

Hot swap with Gun and Shield: Holster a gun and draw another to keep firing with single shot weapons, at the cost of a Bonus action. up to 4d10 damage a turn.

Hard Boiled and Bump Shooting: You’re already at disadvantage, why not double disadvantage and take a few more attacks with your single shot weapon?

Outstanding Questions

Is this feat over powered? How does it compare to other feats? Is to focus to narrow? Does it do to much for a single feat?

Street Sweeper ability is an expensive, smaller, constant use fireball, is that OK?

How should Burst fire and Street Sweeper work with enchanted ammunition?


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