First Flame

Originally this not only symbolized the connection between the Material Plane and Astral Sea, but was the connection between the two planes. It has been around for as long as history can remember. It resided on the island of Kana and was jealously guarded. It has since been snuffed out, cutting the connection between the Material Plane and Astral Sea for about a month, before in 848 CE The Patron sacrificed himself into a newly created flame, simply wishing that the world would no longer need the first flame to connect the Material Plane to the Astral Sea.

The Cult of the First Flame

A devoted cult that protected the flame and spent most of their time in self reflection. They would prepare themselves as a sacrifice for the flame, spending their time meditating on what one wish they would make with their sacrifice.

The Dark Sign

The Dark King Leon had the Dark Sign created by a mage-slave Yavin, a well guarded secret fact. Public knowledge is that the Arch Mage Davron is responsible for the curse, and it was used to find a warrior strong enough to fight the demon the King holds at bay. In reality the King was not fighting any demon, but the public knew of the caged Kaiju and believed. The curse allowed for the capture of essence from those marked by it at the moment of their death, however a few players noticed that there’s more to it than even the king knew, there is another plane where the souls of those who die go, and there’s a mansion there… What was Yavin planning in adding this to the Dark Sign curse?

First Flame

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