Gallery is a town in Nox that serves as the central headquarters for the religion of Artisanism. It posesses the following important buildings.

Temple of Patron: The primary center of worships, where head cleric Grace Naraday oversees pilgrims who travel to see the city and tends to any sick, wounded, or refugees who cannot be tended to by wherever they come from.

Training Academy: Center for training Paladin’s and Clerics who will be traveling beyond the reach of the church. Headed up by Matthew Ironfist.

Emerald Street Theatre: Showing near round-the-clock performances from various traveling acting troupes, the theatre is the place to be for action, comedy, or tragedy, and occasionally home to various orchestral and dance performances.

The Grand Gallery: A place where various works of visual art such as paintings are kept, on rotation daily.

The Landing: A grand library whose goal is to collect a copy of every book ever written. A quiet place to relax whose books are available for all to read in their original format (with some magical protections to guard against damage to rarer copies, of course). Literacy lessons available.

The Burning Wolf Pub: A sprawling center for various nightlife activities, the Burning Wolf is the place to be for food, drink, or music and dance of a less refined nature than those celebrated in the Theatre.

The Shrine of the Muses: The place where any found Muse Masks will be stored.

There are also many, many dormitories for travelers and students at the academy free for use, 4 to a room.


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