Ground Vehicles

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  • Common: Can be found almost everywhere
  • Uncommon: A few locations will usually have it, usually based on need or usage.
  • Rare: Usually limited to specific locations or use is uncommon.
  • Legendary: Likely only a hand full of these exist.

Vehicle Rules

Ground Vehicles

Powered by Arcane or Whale Oil Engines these vehicles are semi-rare. Favored by nobility and technocrats, ground vehicles are expensive and run on either Whale Oil or Residuum. With the increasing rarity of Residuum, Whale Oil is the market standard.



Cost: 1800 gp
Rarity: Rare (Mechanic)
Drivers: 1
Passengers: 3 (1 up front, 2 in back)
Base Speed: 30
AC: 8
Health: 56
Engines: 1
Storage: 100 lbs in the trunk.
Size: 10 by 30
Special: 4 characters can stand on the side of the vehicle, requires a hand to hold onto the vehicle as it moves.
Description: Similar in design to the Lancia Lambda. The front engine block is covered, leather bench seats with a leather back. Front and back seats only have room for two people each, although there’s a step on the side of the vehicle that can support 2 people on each side, although its far more dangerous if the vehicle moves erratically, also a hand must be kept on the vehicle to maintain balance at anything below a speed of 30.


Manta ray (Motorcycle)

Cost: 775 gp
Rarity: Rare (Mechanic)
Drivers: 1
Passengers: 0 (1 with limitations)
Base Speed: 50
AC: 10
Health: 32
Engines: 1
Storage: 0 lbs
Size: 5 by 10
Special: + 10 to Acceleration.
Description: Designed for single user transportation. A passenger can ride, but at speeds above 30 need to hang onto the driver, or risk falling off during any erratic movement. Thanks to its light and trim design, the Manta ray is the fastest base frame for ground vehicles.

Water Craft

Ground Vehicles

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