HB Class BF Gunslinger


From skilled professional shooters, to old cowboys, to special agents. The gunslinger class focuses on flashy pistol combat.

Class Table

Level Proficeincy Renown Class Features
1 +2 0 Slinger, Signature Weapon
2 +2 0 Style Feature
3 +2 0 Reaction Fire, Cover Expert
4 +2 0 Ability Score Improvement
5 +3 1 Style Feature, Extra Attack

Class Features

As a Gunslinger, you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d8 per Gunslinger level.
Hit Points at 1st Level: 8 + your Constitution modifier.
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + your Constitution modifier per Gunslinger level after 1st.


Armor: Light armor.
Weapons: Simple weapons, Personal Firearms.
Tools: None.
Saving Throws: Strength, Wisdom
Skills: Choose Two from Acrobatics, Athletics, Perception, and Stealth.


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:
* (a) A Firearms License or (b) 50 rounds of ammunition.
* A Personal Firearm, 50 rounds of ammunition.


The Gunslingers ability to handle small firearms let’s them effectively use it in close quarters combat. The Gunslinger is not at disadvantage when using a One-Handed Personal Firearm in melee.

Signature Weapon

The Gunslinger has a weapon of choice, The gunslinger must choose a specific personal firearm as their Signature weapon. The Signature weapon is linked to Gunslinger Class features. The Signature Weapon gains a + 1 bonus to attack rolls.


At 2nd level, the Gunslinger selects a Focus found at the end of the class. Gun-Kata (Magical Combat Forms), Gun Fu (Guns and Martial Arts), Desperado (Revolver Expert), and Akimbo (Dual Firearms).

Reaction Fire

At 3rd level, the Gunslinger can make attacks of opportunity with their Signature Weapon.

Cover Expert

At 3rd level, the Gunslinger has learned when to keep their back against a wall. When the Gunslinger is wearing No or Light armor, they add their proficiency bonus to the AC and Dexterity Save bonus from cover. Abilities that allow attackers to ignore your cover now only halves your bonus (round up)

Extra Attack

Beginning at 5th level, the soldier can attack twice, instead of once, whenever they take the Attack action on their turn.



Popularized by John Woo movies, The Matrix, and Equilibirum. Kata means Form, Gun-Kata has a selection of a specific stances created to harness an elemental force in and out of combat.


At 2nd level, and again at 5th, 8th, 11th, and 14th level, the Gunslinger learns a single Stance from the options below.

Stance concentration works similar to spell concentration, when the Gunslinger take damage or suffer forced movement they must make a Constitution Save DC 10 or if the damage is above 20, the DC is the damage taken divided by 2. While in a Stance the Gunslinger can not cast or maintain any spells, or perform other actions that require concentration.

The Gunslinger imitatively drop out of a stance if the Gunslinger no longer has their signature weapon in hand, if they fall, jump, fly, climb, or swim. Any movement where the Gunslinger’s feet aren’t planted firmly on the ground disrupts you stance. However each stance does has special movement conditions where the Gunslinger can maintain the stance when they normally shouldn’t.

Stances can be entered as a bonus action, and requires the Gunslinger to be wielding their Signature Weapon. The Gunslinger takes a moment of focus to position their body in the proper stance.

Mountain Stance
Mountain stance is about slow movement and taking damage. A strong and tense stance, the Mountain Kata focuses on heavy, slow movement but allow the practitioner to withstand the enemy they come up against.
Save Bonus: You may add your Constitution Modifier to Constitution Saves again.
Special Movement: Mountain Stance doesn’t break when you receive forced movement.
Stance Effect: Gain Resistance to Bludgeoning, Slashing, and Piercing damage. Treat all terrain as Difficult Terrain. You have Advantage to resist grapple checks and ignore the first 10 feet of forced movement.

River Stance
River is a fluid defensive stance, avoiding damage and focusing on fluid motion. This Kata focuses on graceful and smooth movement. This allows the practitioner to become fluid when avoiding attacks, yet strike with the force of a waterfall.
Save Bonus: You may add your Constitution Modifier to Wisdom Saves.
Special Movement: River Stance doesn’t require a concentration check in water, and can be held while swimming if you have a water movement speed.
Stance Effect: Gain + Proficiency to AC while in Light or No Armor, and with no shield.
Gun Ballet: The first time you make a ranged attack against an enemy with in 5 ft of you each round, you may immediately move 10 ft without provoking an attack of opportunity from any enemy you have struck this round.

Gale Stance
Gale Stance focuses on ease of movement, and is an acrobatic combat stance. This swift and sharp angled stance allows the practitioner to cut through the air and maintain full control of their physical self.
Save Bonus: You may add your Constitution Modifier to Dexterity Saves.
Special Movement: Wind Stance doesn’t require a concentration check if you’re jumping or falling, and if you have a fly speed, it can be maintained while flying.
Stance Effect: You may attack while jumping, falling, or wall running without disadvantage. While you are 10 feet off the ground or higher, you gain Advantage on your attacks.
Wall Running: You gain your movement speed of wall running,. You can run down walls to avoid or decrease fall damage and across walls to cross environmental hazards.

Wild Fire Stance
Wild Fire stance focuses on multi target combat. A wide and open Kata that allows the practitioner to focus completely on offense, blind to the expression of their own body while they’re lost in the Wild Fire stance.
Save Bonus: You may add your Constitution Modifier to Strength Saves.
Special Movement: Wild Fire Stance doesn’t require a concentration check when you take damage.
Stance Effect: You gain advantage with attacks against a target if you haven’t attacked (hit or miss) that target this round. You grant Advantage to anyone trying to hit you.
Wild Fire: Roll one extra weapon damage die while in this stance.

Empty Stance
Empty or void stance focuses on spiritual power. Eyes closed, sometimes blindfolded, this Kata allows the practitioner to see the world around them as glowing ethereal energy, their attacks glide through physical matter like air.
Save Bonus: You may add your Constitution Modifier to Charisma Saves.
Special Movement: You can not move in this stance, any movement forced or otherwise, including teleportation ends the stance instantly.
Stance Effect: Become blind and gain true sight 30ft, including those you normally couldn’t see due to cover, invisibility, or blindness, without penalty. Your weapons are treated as + 1 Magical weapons for the purposes of damage resistance but don’t deal any extra damage. Your attacks, be they blades or bullets, pass through solid matter, allowing you to attack through walls, and other solid barriers, magic barriers however remain solid.

Gun Fu

A mixture of martial arts and gun play, which Gun-Kata takes a more magical approach, Gun Fu focuses on the martial side of the split. Gun Fu focuses on close range shots and melee capabilities.

Living Weapon

At 2nd level, the Gunslinger deals 1d4 damage with their unarmed attacks, and may use elbows, knees, shoulders, or legs to strike. The Gunslinger may make attacks even when their hands are full.

Follow Up

At 2nd level, the Gunslinger can spend a bonus action after knocking a target prone or striking a target with an unarmed attack, to make an attack against the target with the Gunslingers Signature Weapon.

Vital Strike

At 2nd level, the Gunslinger becomes skilled at landing vital strikes at close range. Vital strike only effects Unarmed attacks and Signature Weapons. When attacking a target within 5 feet, score a critical on a roll of a 19 or 20. At 8th level, score a critical hit on the roll of an 18 or higher. At 15th level, score a critical hit on the roll of a 17 or higher.

Opportunistic Follow Up

At 5th level, the Gunslinger’s Follow Up feature can be activated with a reaction when a target within 5 feet of the Gunslinger is knocked prone.

Body Shield

At 5th level, the Gunslinger become adept at moving grappled targets in front of attacks. Gain +5 AC (3/4th cover), and if the attack misses the Gunslinger check to see if it hits the grappled target using the same attack roll.

Follow Up Execution

At 8th level, when the when the Gunslinger uses their Follow Up class feature, as long as they hit the target with their Signature Weapon it counts as a critical hit.


A Desperado is one of two things, quick or dead. Skilled with a revolver, the Desperado takes advantage of surprise rounds. The Desperado should have a revolver selected as their Signature weapon.

Quick Draw

At 2nd level, the Gunslinger can no longer be surprised, and always acts in a surprise round. The Gunslinger gains a +5 to Initiative rolls and advantage on all Signature Weapon attacks made during a surprise round.

Combat Roll

At 2nd level, when the Gunslinger is hit, they can use their reaction to make an Acrobatics check vs the Attack, on a success the Gunslinger must move 5 feet and takes no damage.

Quick and the Dead

At 5th level, if the Gunslinger hits a target who can not act during a surprise round, the attack is a critical hit.

Hand Cannon

At 5th level, the Gunslinger adds their Proficiency bonus to damage with their Signature Weapon.

Revolver Fan

At 5th level, the Gunslinger becomes proficient in revolver fanning. Select a target to attack, the Gunslinger takes disadvantage on the attack and can expend as much ammunition that’s available in the revolver, adding a weapon die of damage for every extra piece of ammunition used. The number of shots must be declared before rolling.
For example a 2d8 revolver with six shots in the cylinder, could expend 3 shots to deal 4d8 damage, or all 6 shots to deal 7d8 points of damage.

Dead Eye

At 8th level, the Gunslinger deals three times the damage when they land a critical instead of two.


A dual wielded weapons master. An Akimbo Gunslinger will want to select a one handed firearm for their Signature Weapon class feature.

One in each Hand

At 2nd level, the Gunslinger can draw or holster two Single Handed Firearm as a item interaction. The Gunslinger can spend their bonus action to dual fire, they must declare this before making any attacks in a round. The Gunslinger loses the attribute bonus to hit and damage, but may attack with their off hand any time they make an attack with their primary firearm. Both firearms must be a single handed firearm and both attacks must have the same target.

Dual Reload

At 2nd level, the Gunslinger can reload two one handed firearms with the Magazine quality, as an action, without a free hand to do so. Usually achieved by holding both firearms in the same hand, and storing magazines close together for easy access with a single hand.


At 5th level, the Gunslinger may add attribute bonus to their weapon attacks when using the One in each Hand class feature.

Dual Stance

At 5th level, the Gunslinger may choose one Kata from the Gun-Kata list, or enhance their One in each Hand class feature, allowing them to pick a different target with their off hand.

Rain of Fire

At 11th level, the Gunslinger no longer needs to spend a bonus action to start their One in each Hand class feature.

HB Class BF Gunslinger

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