HB Class BF Personality


Class Table

Level Proficeincy Renown Class Features
1 +2 2 Charm, Innocent Appearance
2 +2 2 Public Figure, Unlimited Access
3 +2 3 Presence, Fast Talk, Relaxing Aura
4 +2 4 Ability Score Improvement
5 +3 5 Public Figure Feature, Royal Treatment

Class Features

As a Personality, you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d6 per Personality level.
Hit Points at 1st Level: 6 + your Constitution modifier.
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d6 (or 4) + your Constitution modifier per Personality level after 1st.


Armor: None.
Weapons: Simple weapons.
Tools: Select two instruments.
Saving Throws: Wisdom, Charisma
Skills: Choose Three from Animal Handling, Deception, Intimidation, History, Performance, Persuasion, Perception, and, Stealth.


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • (a) One Instrument of your choice or (b) a Tele-Scriber (Janis Magi-comm)
  • 4,000 Slips [16W], two Formal Wear outfits, ten Wealthy sets of clothing.


The Personality picks two charisma based skills they’re proficient in, or one skill and one instrument and gains expertise in them. This allows the Personality to double their proficiency bonus for those skills or instruments.

Innocent Appearance

So unassuming and normal, even hardened mercenaries think twice before shooting at an unarmored public figure. When Unarmored the Personality has an AC equal to 10 + Dexterity Modifier + Charisma Modifier.

Unlimited Access

At 2nd level, the personality can find their way into public situations that other’s would be outright denied. A sold out club suddenly has a ticket for you, a booked flight suddenly has a seat, or an out of stock item becomes available. This won’t allow the personality into exclusive clubs, high society, or access to secure locations they don’t have the permission to.
When the Personality purchases a service, they can make a Charisma (Persuasion) check to try to upgrade it without paying the difference. A hotel room becomes a suite, economy becomes first class, and concert tickets become backstage passes.

Public Figure

At 2nd level, the Personality starts receiving benefits based around the type of celebrity they are. Creative, Political, or Telepath.


At 3rd level, the personalities presence and their way with words allows them to catch people off guard. The personality can turn on the charm before initiative is rolled to force all enemies involved to make a Wisdom Save DC 8 + Proficiency + Charisma Modifier, success allows the enemy to act in the surprise round, failure leaves them off guard for the surprise round. The Personality and their allies all gain a surprise round even if the enemies are aware of their intention.

Fast Talk

At 3rd level, the Personality has an almost super natural ability to weaken the resolve of others and inspire them to trust the Personality. Once per short rest the Personality can try to convince a target they’re a trusted friend. The target must not be in combat with the Personality or any of their allies. The target makes a Charisma Check DC 8 + Proficiency Bonus + Charisma Modifier, or is swayed by the Personalities words and become charmed for the Characters level in Personality worth of minutes. A creature charmed by the Personality will perform actions they normally wouldn’t do, but will not perform any suicidal or obviously harmful actions to themselves or others. If the Personality or any of their allies threaten or harm the target the effect is immediately broken.

At the end of the duration, the target realizes they were effected and depending on what they were asked to do may become hostile. A guard asked to let a Personality and their friends into a power plant will realize what they’ve done at the end of the time and raise the alarm, while a bouncer who let the same group in won’t really care.

Relaxing Aura

At 3rd level, the Personality acts as a normalizing force during intense moments. The Personality and Allies within 30ft gain the Personality’s Charisma Bonus when making Charisma (Stability) Saves.

Royal Treatment

At 5th level, whenever the personality purchases a service they are automatically upgraded to the next level of life style quality. They can extend Unlimited Access to other individuals if they wish for a Charisma (Persuasion check) depending on the situation.

Public Figure


Force of Personality

At 2nd level, the Personality is well known in the public eye gaining Advantage on Unlimited Access Charisma (Persuasion) checks. The Personalities renown increases by 1, and because of their presence in popular culture.

Inspire Confidence

At 2nd level, the Personality can add a 1d6 + Personality Modifier to an allies Attribute Check. The Personality must be able to speak with the ally in question and the ally must be able to understand the Personality. This ability can be used a number of times equal to the Personalities Charisma Modifier (Minimum one), all uses recharge on a long rest.

Powerful Performance

At 5th level, the Personality can spend 10 minutes performing to inspire their allies, be it music, lyric, dance, or story. . Powerful Performance restores after a long rest.


High Society

At 2nd level, the Personalities Unlimited Access ability now includes high society private events, and political events.

Contact (Low-Level)

At 2nd level the Personality gains the ability to start calling on favors from contacts they know who could help them with a case. Contacts can range from informants, to taxi drivers, reporters to police officers, but can be anyone who can provide aid and information to help the Personality.
The Contact will never enter the field and requires things to be brought to them, however they are willing to bend the rules for them. A contact can be called upon to perform a skill check for the personality, some may demand compensation if the request is illegal, short notice, or expensive to perform. Contacts are willing to perform their service once, after which they expect to be compensated at a greater price if called upon again with in a week. After a week has passed they're happy to provide their service again at the normal price.
Low Tier: 3 + Personality Proficiency bonus to the roll with Advantage.
Mid Tier: 6 + Personality Proficiency bonus to the roll with Advantage.
High Tier: 10 + Personality Proficiency bonus to the roll with Advantage.

Friends in High Places

At 5th level, the Personality may select 1 Mid Tier Contact, and can call upon more than just skill based services. A Limo Driver would be willing to provide a free ride at an odd hours, a pilot would be willing to make a flight off the books, or the owner of a restaurant or club could ensure you always have a private room.


Force of will causes the Personality to awaken, manifesting Psionic powers.

Level Psi-Points Psi-Limit Class Features
2 6 2 Psionic Talent, Psi Discipline (Lesser)
3 14 3
4 17 3
5 27 5 Psionic Talent, Psi Discipline (Greater)
Psionic Talents

At 2nd level and again at 5th level, the Personality gains access to Psionic Talents.


At 2nd level, the Personality gains a Lesser Psionic Discipline from the Awakened. Again at 5th level the Personality gains a Gerater Psionic Discipline from the Awakened.

HB Class BF Personality

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