Highlighted historical events.

The Patron’s Death (848 CE)

Season 2’s final event occurred here, Patron sacrificed his life to restore the connection between the Material Plane and the Astral Sea by wishing the First Flame was unnecessary for the connection between the two planes.

The Nox Stahlwacht War (853 CE)

The war between the nations of Nox and Stahlwacht. Stahlwacht was defeated, and their cities were later ravaged by storms, and left abandoned to the weather and ages.

Orion’s Unification (861 CE)

The nation of Orion was eventually unified after threat of Noxian invasion. What became known as the Nox Orion war lasted for two seasons, ending before winter arrived.

The Pantheon War “Celestial War” (890 CE)

The Pantheon War refers to the war in which the old pantheon of gods simply seemed to have vanished. With the Astral Sea keeping to their own business, it’s sometimes hard to find out what’s going on up there. It’s assumed that the war started in the year 890, when the material plane stopped hearing from the normal pantheon of gods, how long it lasted and with whom they were fighting is unknown, in fact if it was a war at all is unknown.

Rise of the New Pantheon (919 CE)

The period of time where the upswing in faith returned and new gods were born as a result of people’s fervent prayers and devotion to deities that either didn’t exist or had been old tribal gods who had simply faded from history. The New Pantheon arose during this time period, and they spend their time in the Astral Sea.

First Nox-Orion Express Ride (1007 CE)

The start of this campaign revolves around this event, so this is the jumping off time for the campaign. The Nox-Orion Express is a 18 (4 Storage cars, 10 Passenger cars, 2 Dining cars, 1 Lounge car which contains a baby grand piano, and a VIP Passenger car) car long train that runs from Nox’s Capital to Orion’s city of Rheinland.


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