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List of feats available in the Age of Orion Campaign Setting

Feats are a work in progress, and may change for balance reasons.

Description: Dexterity based light Pistol and Revolver focused feat.

Hard Boiled
Description: Strength based Heavy firearms feat.

Gun Kata
Description: Constitution based One Handed firearms feat.

Munition Enchanter
Description: Allows for the enchantment of ammunition, ballistics, bolts, and arrows.

Chakain Combat Arts
Description: Unarmed Melee focused combat feat.

Description: Automail Expertise, use Automail better and be able to have more Unnatural Automail.

Trial of the Glade
Description: Creature based potion creation, pioneered by The Glade of the Crescent Moon.

Description: Combat Airship Pilot Feat, allows more aerial maneuvers.

Combat Driver (WIP)
Description: Combat focused vehicle driver.

Psionic Initiate
Description: Grants basic access to Psionic powers.

HomeBrew Feats

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