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Lazily not formatted, WIP.

Rules as Written (RAW):

  • You can spend 8 hours a day, to get 25 gold worth of progress on a magic item.
  • You need the blueprints of the magic item before you can build it.
  • Character level links to quality of magic item you can produce.

Alterations and Notes:

  • Bullet Enchantment has already been spelled out and is locked behind both the Gunslinger and Hard Boiled feats.
  • It takes an hour to enchant 100 gp worth of an item, can only spend 8 hours max a day on crafting.
  • Enchanting rings and Amulets with spells you have will continue to be allowed, however I’m going to throw a little wrinkle into that so we don’t end up with rings of infinite healing.
  • One time use enchantment vs permanent enchantments. You must be able to cast a spell twice at it’s level to enchant an item with a one time enchantment. To enchant an item with a spell permanently, allowing it to recharge at dawn, you must be able to cast the spell twice, at it’s level plus two to enchant an item with a permanent enchantment. Finally Permanently enchanted items cost 10 times as much to make.
  • One time Enchanted Rings and Amulets do not need to be attuned to, and can be used once before they lose their magic.
  • Permanent Enchanted Rings and Amulets may be used once per day without attunement if they aren’t a Magic Attack or don’t have a DC attached to their casting, they also recharge at dawn. Attuning to a spell will provide you the casters number of castings of that level spell at time of enchantment, and recharge 1d4 uses at dawn. Say you enchant a ring with 2nd level Cure Wounds, and you can cast 3 4th level spells per day (as to make it permanent you have to cast it at 2 levels higher), that ring can cast Cure Wounds at 2nd Level 3 times a day and recharges 1d4 uses at dawn. If you use a ring then attune to it, you’ll have one fewer use of it.
  • Working on price balancing this, likely price will go up as the idea of equipping a party with rings of fireball seems crazy over powered, even if they’re all one off spell rings. Currently the only price difference is between one time use and permanent in which you pay 10 times as much to enchant it.

HomeBrew Item Enchantment

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