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The Island nation of Kana was originally home to a terrible curse and the First Flame. It’s history is built on bloodshed and violence, oppression and undeath, monsters and mortals. After 848 CE Kana started to change, the First Flame was snuffed out, the curse ended, and civilization could start again.


Birnae Winery: Kana’s south western shore.
Details: Founded by an wood elf named Galtihr Birnae, originally from the Wild Lands to the west of Kana, built a boat and set sail for Kana to start a new life. He used the wood from the boat to make his first set of barrels and scavenged wild fruit, sweet and sour cherries being the most common. His first barrels of wine started maturing in 972 CE. In 977 CE, his sweet cherry tree’s had matured and the first batch of sweet cherries.
Birnae Wine (Bottle, Fine): 10 gold per bottle and about an extra 5 silver per year it’s aged up to thirty years. After thirty years it degrades in value about a gold a year as the flavors start to decay, leveling out at 15 gold for anything beyond 35 years old.

The Glade of the Crescent Moon:
Details: A group of Lycanthropes, Shifters, Druids, and other like minded individuals trying to aid those effected by Lycanthropy.

Native Life


Southern Islands

Juni: Active Volcanic Island, farthest West.
Pelus: Extinct Volcanic Island, central island.
Temi: Extinct Volcanic Island, farthest East.


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