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According to legend the Kinsmir is a rare birth of siring that happens once every 500 years. The Kinsmir is a mixture of Lycanthrope and Vampire, a mixture which usually results in the death due to the incompatibility between the two.

The result of the two blood lines ends up with a being of great power, maintaining the shifting potential of the lycanthrope and the strength that comes with it, as well as the power and immortality of the Vampire. The full animal form is a massive two size categories larger than before, usually towering above most buildings. The Hybrid, Animal and Human form has leathery bat wings and large fangs. There is one tell tale sign of a Kinsmir, similar to the Lycanthrope who’s eyes have a strange spark of the wild to them, the Kinsmir’s spark is very noticeably red, and when they’re shifted it’s almost a literal glow.

Blood Lust: Kinsmir must feed like Vampires do, some say as often as daily, but not for sustenance but to quell their blood lust and enhance their regenerative abilities.

Mortal View: Kinsmir are feared as they’re rare, and their legendary status of power and association with both Lycanthropes and Vampires has most scared to death. People tend to try merging the kill methods, using silver steaks, garlic, holy symbols, and the like.

Lycanthropes View: Lycanthropes view the Kinsmir as an abomination, it is undead and unnatural. They seek to help the Kinsmir pass to the next life.

Vampires View: Most vampires are more interested in themselves when it comes to the rise of power, they don’t like Kinsmir as they are more powerful than most vampires. The undead politics that Vampires run conspire against the Kinsmir and seek their death.

Known Kinsmir and Sire Date:

(348 CE) Unknown name, but confirmed still alive as of 848 CE.
(848 CE) Rina Kita
(934 CE Birth) Kase Kita, unconfirmed, timing doesn’t follow Legend, but a god was involved.


Kase Kita is an unknown vector in the Kinsmir Mythology, she was born not sired. No one’s sure how this changes the usual rules for Kinsmir, as Kase is currently cursed into the form of an actual fox.


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