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  • Common: Can be found almost everywhere
  • Uncommon: A few locations will usually have it, usually based on need or usage.
  • Rare: Usually limited to specific locations or use is uncommon.
  • Legendary: Likely only a hand full of these exist.


The mixture of Magic and technology specifically to work together as opposed to magically enhancing something that already works. Automail is technically Magi-Tech, but people accept Automail as it’s own category.

All Magi-Tech is destroyed with a casting of Dispel Magic and an Arcana check, rendering them useless broken parts.

Attunement with Magi-tech only takes 10 minutes instead of the usual hour long rest required to attune to normal magic items. This is because there’s less magic involved in magic-tech, it’s usually a mixture of magic and technology that enables these items to be effective and useful.



Attunement: None.
Dispel Arcana DC: 12
Cost: 80 gp
Rarity: Uncommon (Magi-Tech Merchant)
Description: A sleek slate of obsidian which glows with magic. It displays text and can be navigated through much in the way a common PDA or Cellphone would be. It’s limited to text and images, but can be used as a spell book. Some have a magic lock on them that requires a pass phrase to be spoken before it is accessible.

Magi-Tech Lock Picker

Attunement: None.
Dispel Arcana DC: 14
Cost: 380 gp
Rarity: Rare (Illegal Magi-Tech)
Description: Placed over a lock, the device has a + 6 to Dexterity attribute checks for picking locks. It gets a roll every turn. The device however is prone to breaking, and on a roll of a natural 1, the device breaks.

Magi-Tech Compass

Attunement: None.
Dispel Arcana DC: 10
Cost: 175 gp
Rarity: Rare (Magi-Tech Merchant)
Description: This device points to the most powerful source of magic in a mile, it works like a compass pointing to the most powerful source of magic.

Magi-Tech Camera

Attunement: None.
Dispel Arcana DC: 14
Cost: 540 gp
Rarity: Rare (Victoria Ohm and Magi-Tech Merchants)
Description: Allows for the creation of small 3.5’ by 4.25’ photograph that takes thirty minutes to develop the photograph and a minute to recharge the Camera. Can be used six times a day, recharges at dawn.
Photographs come out as oil painting, sharp and vivid colors, blurred lines between colors, but crisp enough to properly identity the images captured. The level of detail for the image is determined by a Performance Check of the photographer. DC 5 A blur of colors. DC 10 for a blurry picture that’s out of focus. DC 15 for a clear image where certain details might be to blurry to notice. DC 20 for a near perfect capture of the image.

‘Keen’ Scope

Attunement: To the weapon it attaches to, yes.
Dispel Arcana DC: 15
Cost: 620 gp
Rarity: Rare (Magi-Tech Merchants)
Description: Attaches to a ranged weapon. If the target is farther than 30 ft away you may spend a full attack action, make a single attack roll against the target, with the critical range increased by one (20 becomes 19-20, 19-20 becomes 18-20). The full round action is spent both lining up the shot and keeping your target in the reticle for the scope to work.

Magi-Tech Manacles

Attunement: Yes, without attunement functions like normal manacles.
Dispel Arcana DC: 15
Cost: 80 gp
Rarity: Uncommon (Magi-Tech Merchant)
Description: Manacles which brim with yellow blue energy. The manacles interfere with spellcasting, requiring a DC 8 + spell level on an unmodified D20 for any spell cast. Anyone who attempts to break out of the manacles receives 2d12 lightning damage, if this drops the wearer to zero health they do not start dying but are simply rendered unconscious for 1d4 hours. This shock can also be commanded as a bonus action by the person who’s attuned to them casting a spell with verbal and somatic components. Someone wearing the manacles can not attune to them.

Magi-Tech Healers Kit

Attunement: Yes, without attunement it functions like a normal healers kit with only 5 uses.
Dispel Arcana DC: 12
Cost: 165 gp
Rarity: Uncommon (Magi-Tech Merchant)
Description: A healers kit that reproduces it’s medical supplies. It has five charges, that recharge daily. You can spend 1 charge to stabilize a creature, or spend 2 charges to cast Cure Wounds (extra charges can be spent to increase the casting level of Cure Wounds). User must be attuned to the kit before it will work.

‘Seeker’ Repeating Crossbow Turret

Attunement: Yes, only the attuned can command the Seeker.
Dispel Arcana DC: 16
Cost: 340 gp
Rarity: Rare (Magi-Tech Merchant)
Description: A Crossbow on a telescoping stand, it holds a box of five bolts and the creature attuned with it can give it verbal commands to attack once per turn (A free action).
Attack: + 5 to hit, 1d8 + 2 piercing damage.
AC: 12
Health: 18.
Healing: Completely repaired with Mending spell or Tinkerers kit, two hours, and an Intelligence Check DC 14.

‘Sled’ Levitating Cart

Attunement: Optional, Attuned users can command the sled’s movement.
Dispel Arcana DC: 18
Cost: 275 gp
Rarity: Uncommon (Magi-Tech Merchant)
Description: A levitating cart that can be pushed or pulled around, taking a lot of the weight off of the beast of burden or creature responsible for moving it. A creature who has attuned with the Sled can order it to move 30 feet in a turn as a bonus action, or to levitate anywhere between 1 foot to 10 feet off the ground. The Sled effectively reduces the weight of the goods on it to one tenth the normal weight for push and pull purposes.
Culture: Used by the rare traveling merchants, who during the night will levitate their cart into the air and sleep within over the night to avoid most wild animals.

Magi-Tech Equipment

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