Rule changes around food.

Food has always been a easily passed over part of most role playing systems with exception of those where it is a tightly controlled survival resource. The goal is not to turn D&D into a survival game but to provide benefits for role playing and to alleviate some of the early game lack of options when magic is rare.

The basic premise is that an adventurer can have a meal effect and an extra effect active at a time, both last until the next meal, until they have a long rest, or if the effect is expendable. These can range from attribute save advantage to bonus health regained when healed. The game will still play fine without taking advantage of the Meal system, but it is designed to add little advantages to those who plan ahead.

Meal Choices

The following list includes meal style, quality, price, description, and effect. Not all meals are available everywhere and if a player wishes to make them, a Wisdom check will be made with DC set to quality level, failure results in a meal which does not provide the desired effects.

Hearty: A heavier meal usually focusing on meats and starches.
Noxian (Meal, 5s): A meal of bread, and pottage comprised of beans or peas, onions, cabbage, and turnips, with a glass of Ale or Cider. Gain +1 to Strength checks for the rest of the day.
Royal Noxian (Meal, 5g): A meal of bread, beef or venison, and vegetables like garlic, onions and leeks, all heavily spiced and seasoned with a glass of Wine. Gain +1 to Strength checks and +1 to Intelligence checks for the rest of the day.
Honey Biscuits (Extra, 1g): Honey bread baked in an easy to carry and eat form. The hard external keeps the biscuit from spoiling. Gain Advantage on one Constitution Check within the next day.

Chakain (Meal, 5s): A pottage of rice, Bok Choy, soy beans and radishes, with fish. Gain +1 to Constitution checks for the rest of the day.
Royal Chakain (Meal, 5g): Tempura vegetables and Shrimp, with Tea or Saki. Gain +1 to Intelligence checks and +1 to Wisdom checks for the rest of the day.
Sushi (Extra, 5g): Raw seafood wrapped in fermented rice. Gain Advantage on one Charisma Check within the next day.

Eastern Kingdom (Meal, 5s): Spiced Lamb or goat, figs, and barley bread, with milk. Gain +1 to Wisdom checks for the rest of the day.
Royal Eastern (Meal, 5g): Starts with Coffee, a yogurt soup, buttered Mutton with onions, vinegar, and cinnamon. The meal ends with a milk pudding. Gain +1 to Wisdom checks and +1 to Charisma checks for the rest of the day.
Gladiators Tonic (Extra, 1g): A mixture of bone dust and plant ash, it provides some serious calcium and bone mending. Regain Proficiency bonus worth of Hit Dice during a short rest.

Orion (Meal, 5s): Fish and wheat pottage with seaweed and pear cider. Gain +1 to Dexterity checks for the rest of the day.
Royal Orion (Meal, 5g): Honey glazed fish wrapped with seaweed and stuffed with carrots all spiced and cooked, with candied pears, and wine. Gain +1 to Dexterity checks and +1 to Wisdom checks for the rest of the day.
Steady Mead (Extra, 1g): A honey mead brewed with a specific puffer fish spine poison. The poison brews down to a muscle relaxant, reducing jitters and weapon sway. When brewed properly the brew increases ballistic weapon range by half.


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