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Nox is a Kingdom to the West North West of Orion. It’s known for it’s flat planes and thick green forests.

Known Towns and Cities

Castle Blackmarsh: Seat of power for Nox, surrounded by the city of Blackmarsh, in central Nox.
Foxcrest, (formerly Dawncrest): Site of a well known magical incident for Noxians, in the North east of Nox.
University of Nox: Created by Finnegan O’Flannihan a place of higher learning for Nox. In south central Nox.
Diamond Ridge: A large mining city in Nox, struck it rich with precious gems, iron, and copper. in north western Nox.
Port Nox: The city that grew into a nation, on the southern central coast of the nation of Nox. Trade central and industrial capital of Nox.
Gallery: Center of organized worship of Patron.

Map Descriptor:
Nox is a large nation, mostly filled with forests, streams, and small little towns and hamlets that spot the country side. There are three major rivers in Nox, The Eastern Tiber river (known for the forests it runs through), the Central Amber river (Named after the precious materials the river pulls down from the mountains, ranging from copper to platinum), and the western Wraith river (Named as it’s the western boarder of Nox that they say it’s running waters keep the Wraiths from the Razorwind mountains out of Nox). The Tiber and the Amber come from the white forest, and tend to be colder than the Razorwind mountain sourced Wraith river. The Amber weaves the most, bending it’s way south across Nox almost as much horizontally as vertically, as it works it’s way through central Nox’s high hills and mountains.

Blackmarsh is Nox’s capital, it sits a little south of true central Nox, and it’s name comes from the black water of the marsh around it. The city and marsh are in a valley between mountains, making it a hard to reach location, perfect for defending at the time of the castle and towns construction. the black marsh itself exists as a tributary of the Amber River, making black marsh an easy to reach location by boat. The mountains around Blackmarsh are referred to as the Shield Wall mountains to the east, and the Diamond Ridge to the west of the city.

If you follow the Diamond Ridge north and west, you’ll find on it’s south west side near the north western Noxian boarder the city of the same name, Diamond Ridge. Diamond ridge is secure with the Wraith river to the west as it comes down from the Razorwinds, and the mountain range to the north and east of the town, however it is technically within the white forest, meaning it rarely thaws. Named for it’s key role in the Diamond rush, nobility was made overnight in Diamond Ridge, and most of that nobility quickly left.

The Noxian University places itself along the central coast of Nox, as it was built with the intent to study and fight Kaiju. It’s sea facing side is more fortress than university, but it’s protective wall and magic barrier shields the university that stretches north a half a mile. The university has no river, the Amber river actually connects to the ocean east of the University.

Port Nox is a little under twelve miles from the Noxian university, it lies to the east of it and has the Amber river as it’s western boarder and the Tiber as it’s eastern boarder.

Wolf Port, a town well known for it’s danger, the sea of Noxian corruption and crime is Wolf Port, it sits at the end of the Wraith river, making it a boarder city and one of the southern most cities in Nox.

A few hours north of Wolf Port lies Myrefall, a smaller town that barely makes it on the map, but an important farming town.

The Tiber river and it’s tributaries are dotted with towns from Northern most to coastal, starting with Foxcrest (origionally Dawncrest), Rochdale, Twin Logs, Ramshorn, and then Port Nox at the Tiber’s end.

The Amber River spends most of it’s time winding through mountains, but does hit one town before getting lost in the sharp edged cliffs, that town is Blackridge. The Amber then has a tributary that flows in from Blackmarsh, before it runs through Acton and Ravencroft. The Amber ends like the Tiber, right alongside Port Nox into the Trade Waves.

The Wraith River has very few towns of it’s own, starting with Diamond Ridge, it runs by and collects a few tributaries that pass through Myrefall, before running the southern boarder of Wolf Port and reaching the Trade Waves.

A collection of small towns dot Nox, but most don’t appear on maps, most barely break populations of twenty. The only exception is Gallery, placed in Western Nox, it lies between the Wraith River and the Diamond Ridge Mountains, it’s more southern than central, but isn’t coastal, they draw their water from wells and the near by lake, the Emerald Reservoir.


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