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Trenton Times Summer 4th

Your news for the North.
Paper for the 4th of Summer.

Local News


The weather for the 4th of Summer will be overcast for most of the day. A chance of rain in the Eastern sections of the North.

Large Beast Ravages Locals

For the past two weeks, a creature has been stalking the forests north of Rheinland. No one has survived an encounter with the beast as of yet, however remains have been collected and some of Rheinland’s top doctors have reported that the bodies appear to have been attacked by a large cat like creature. The experts claim whatever is attacking local citizens has two large fangs on top with a top and bottom row of sharp teeth. Speculation is that a White Forest Saber-Cat made its way south in hopes of finding a easier source of food.

Rheinland Magistrate Raymond Foxdrey had this to say on the subject. “The citizens of Rheinland have nothing to fear, food and transportation will remain uninterrupted during these vicious attacks. If you have no business in the northern woods I would suggest you avoid them until Knight Eagleson or Knight Heathcote returns from the White Forest with her or his troop of soldiers.”

When questioned on weather we’d see Rheinland Perfects hunting the beast, Magistrate Foxdrey refused to comment. The recent weeks has seen Rheinland Perfects handing out commission for anyone willing to help them with the numerous problems plaguing Rheinland, it’s our speculation at the Trenton Times that Rheinland doesn’t have the forces to deal with their own city let alone their neighboring forest.

Train Bandits Strike

The Nox-Orion Express completed its maiden voyage yesterday, the 3rd of Summer. The voyage out a week ago went smoothly, however it seems that a group of Raptor Bandits attempted to rob the train on the way back to Orion. A group of noble citizens took on the Bandits themselves in a passenger car, and reportedly fended them off, capturing one and killing another in the battle.

Reports from Rheinland Perfects are that the Bandits struck the train, knowing the two VIP cars would be filled with members of high society and would make easy targets. Good thing those bandits weren’t prepared to handle our unknown do-gooders.


Mountain Thief Vacation Ends

News from Nox suggests that the infamous Mountain Thief had taken a ride on the Nox-Orion Express, out to Nox last week. A drop in high profile thefts in Orion support the rumors, and Noxian officials have notice the loss of sever famous paintings and works of art from the Noxian Lord Joshua Art Gallery. If anyone see’s paintings from artist Chelty of the Crescent Moon, Lewis Undermountain, and Olga Paraji, please notify local Perfects and get in contact with the Noxian Embassy in Rheinland.

Thunder Chasers Countdown

The Thunder Chasers Northern Regional competition will be starting in Rheinland, the 11th of Summer. All competing teams of four will need to have their Raptors present to be registered by the 10th and pay the gold piece entry fee. The competitions will bring hundreds of visitors from Nox and neighboring towns to Rheinland.

The Eastern Regional will occur on the 14th of Summer in Clarksdale. Clarksdale is expecting a huge turn out for their regional event since Felicia Ludder will be making her return to Thunder Chasing. Felicia Ludder will be leading the Veiled Claws for the first time since their loss in 999 when a sporting accident cost Felicia the life of her raptor Yik-Yik. Despite a bumpy past, Felicia is favored to take the Eastern Regional and place in the final four for Nationals.

The Southern Regional is last on the list for Thunder Chaser fans, holding their event on the 17th. With the regional competitions completed, Orion will be looking forwards to the Nationals on the 24th of Summer, giving all the teams time to rest and recover before competing for Queen Kaime herself, outside of Orion Castle.

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