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Orion is the found and name of the region of land between the nations of Nox and Stahlwacht.


Orion was founded by Orion Stormdancer, through the guidance of Vöris, united the remnants of the logistics and armed forces of both the armies of Nox and Stahlwacht. That is, Nox and Stahlwacht went to war, the two fought in the unclaimed lands between them, unable to strike directly at each others home to begin with. As the war continued Stahlwacht began to lose, despite their superior technology, social issues in the nation caused moral to vaporize, and soon the army couldn’t find recruits. During the war supply outposts and logistic centers were erected in the land now known as Orion, and when the war ended these people didn’t want to go home, they had fallen in love with this new land. And so the group of deserters were left to their own ends, and outposts became hamlets.
As these deserters hamlets grew, eventually Nox came looking for taxes, seeing themselves responsible for claiming these lands. The deserters were unorganized at this time, but that quickly changed and a man named Orion took the forefront. Orion was a skilled archer from Nox originally, who after the victory against Stahlwacht stayed in this new territory. This archer was guided by the goddess Vöris, and given direction that if he united these people and raised an army, they would gain their sovereignty through honorable combat. So Orion took up his bow and went from town to town, convincing people they were stronger together and Nox could be on the war path any day. It didn’t take long until the land united and Nox was poised to invade what it thought was a divided collection of hamlets.
The Noxian Orion war started with the invasion of the west region of the United Deserters. The Deserters had prepared scouts, saw the attack coming three days ahead and set up an ambush. Nox struck and even with their newly looted technology from Stahlwacht, they quickly knew they needed to surrender or retreat. This was the first of many crushing defeats, the Deserters offered any survivor citizenship in their new nation, many accepted. The war continued for two seasons, and with winter coming Nox knew they were bested, the mountains in the Deserters lands would make combat impossible, and they had already lost a lot of their army.
Nox officially declared peace with the Deserters, Orion however had died during the war, insisting on being on the front line. Vöris was right, Orion had raised an army and united the people, and now those deserters honored him by declaring their new nation was named Orion. Orion Stormdancer had married Penelope Cooper, and had bore a child Jupie Stormdancer. Penelope rose to power, being the one to accept the truce from Nox and the people of the newly formed country wanted her as leader. That was how Penelope became the first Queen of Orion and her son would be the first King when she passed the throne.

Locations in Orion

Northern Region

The Northern Region is known for its cooler temperatures and dense forests.

Rheinland (Regional Capital)
Rheinland is a big city, the seat of power in the North, and arguably the most powerful city in Orion outside of the Castle itself. Rheinland is the Orion end stop on the Nox-Orion Express line.

The most technologically advanced city in the world. Home of Victoria Ohm, creator of ‘The Wire’.

A hunting town that provides the castle with it’s meat.

The White Forest [Region]
A forest of everlasting snow.

Eastern Region

The Eastern Region is known for its mountain range and stronger Chakain culture.

Clarksdale (Regional Capital)
The Pathway to the Mountains, Clarksdale is the big city that feeds the majority of the region.

A small quiet mountain town. Local Thunder Chasers team “The Veiled Claws”.

A small quiet forest town in the valley between mountain ranges.

Small resort town, known for it’s local hot spring inn.

Steel Watch
A town of Automail’d individuals and athletic activities at high altitude.

Central Region

The Central Region is known for its flat plains, farm fields, and the Castle of Orion.

Castle Orion (National Capital)
The seat of power for Orion

South Western Region

The South Western Region is known for its coast.

Greymouth (Regional Capital)
The seedy ocean side town is the Regional capital, it’s economy is based heavily around whale oil and foreign trade.

River Run
Small river town on the way to the coast, it’s a trade hub for most of Orion.

A Temple town, people come here on pilgrimages and to pray at their shrines.

Ocean side resort town, grand villas and beautiful buildings. Home of the Golden Swan cruise ship.

Government and Leadership Hierarchy of Orion

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Culture of Orion

Orion is a mixing pot of cultures, and with the evolving technologies used within the country even the nation’s old touchstones have started to change. The evolution of sports came about when more people moved away from gladiatorial combat, to ‘safer’ competitions.


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Science and Technology

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Important People in Orion

Queen Kaime Stormdancer “The Righteous Queen”
Victoria Ohm “Eccentric Inventor”
Octavia Von Strauß “Vampiress with a Heart”
Felicia Ludder “Veiled Claws Team Leader”
The Noble “Mysterious Figure”
Lev Ironside “The Orion Express Conductor”
Zander Erikson “Fast Fingers”
Trisha Mercer “The Voice of Orion”
Quin Nedry “The Great Chemist”
Edward Gillard “The Noble Inventor”
Sara Gillard “The Young Inventor”
Marta ‘Vel’ Velasquez “The Mechromancer”
Denver Ross “The Orchids Star Archer”
Annabel Ross “The Whale Butcher”
Manami “The Duchess of the Coast”
Elisa Fortune “The Mountain Thief”
Joseph King “The Sand Man”


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