Pilgrim Portals

Pilgrim Portals are structures that are connected to specific points in time, accessible only by Pilgrims with a specific ring. These portals are ancient stone structures, usually cylindrical platforms with arches crossing over them. While each is connected to a specific point in time, Pilgrims who enter alone are sometimes taken to points in time that are important to them. While back in time, most Pilgrims simply observe the past, however it can be interacted with, and some changes are said to have rippled through to the present and change the course of history. However these claims can’t be verified as if history was to change, only those who changed time would know. —Kyi-Lundre’s Book of Historical Myths and Legends

DM Inspiration

I took inspiration from Dark Souls 2 “The Pilgrims of Dark”, as I did with a lot of content from Season 1. However instead of connecting to some strange abyss as it does in the game, I connected it to the past, allowing for players to manipulate the flow of time on Kana and change it’s history. This gave them some rather large sweeping choices and branching paths for Season 1. Granted they didn’t know how wide or sweeping a change could be, or even how it would effect the game.

Portal Usage in Universe
  1. Portal by the Cliff Side: Connected to The Battle for The Dark Kings Keep. Possible Outcomes: Defeat the Giant Lord (actual timeline): Kingdom changes from one of giants to a human leader named Leon (The Dark King) who claims control of Kana and the First Flame. As a result a cult built up around it, as it’s power grants a wish to anyone who throws themselves into it. Giant Lord Undefeated (alternate timeline): the rulers of the island would become the Giants, who would have fed on the power of the First Flame to grow stronger, an Ice Giant would have taken the seat of power, and all but withered the First Flame.
  2. Portal by the Eastern Sea: Connected to a Necromancers lab. Outcomes: Brook Survives (Actual Timeline): Brook is the Necromancers assistant at this time, and has always been a bit on the fence about the whole undead thing, being a Lycanthrope she was happy to be accepted but eventually her morality caught up with her. She ends up created the Glade of the Crescent Moon as a refuge for Lycanthropic beings. Brook Died (Alternate Timeline): Brook’s death would have drastically altered the Lycanthropes on the island, and removed Finn from the group, as he never would have heard of Kana being a haven for Lycanthropes, and would have been introduced as a scruffy rogue character in Season 2 when the group hit Chakai. Necromancer Died (Alternate Timeline): Originally Brook murders the Necromancer when she leaves to form the Crescent Moon, clearing the island of the undead swarm but not wiping it clean. As a result the Vampiress Octavia Von Strauß would remain a bit player, really only providing minor help to the players along the way and tempting one of them to become a vampire. However another Necromancer would have moved to the island, constantly hunting for means of preserving life, would have become a thorn in the players side before they could reach for the Kings Keep and the First Flame. Necromancer Lived (Actual Timeline): The Necromancer having time to build and consolidate forces, and having no short supply of people throwing themselves against the beaches of Kana for years to come, built an army, and a council of undead to wage war on The Dark King and claim the First Flame for it’s power and connection to the Astral sea. This gave Von Strauß a political position on the undead council, and let her stop some of the forces set to kill the fleeing Crescent Moon citizens before it was to late.
  3. None others yet, while I enjoy the concept, it’s one that needs a break from time to time, as it can be a nightmare to write for.

Pilgrim Portals

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