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“Trisha Mercer here, the Voice of Orion, here with your evening news for the 8th of summer.”

Today’s News

VoO: “Our top story tonight is the unusual eclipse. I reached out to the Orion courts Dragon blooded Sorceress Fellis for comment on this. Fellis welcome to The Evening Wire.”
Fellis: “I’m glad to be here Ms. Mercer.”
VoO: “Everyone in the world has to be wondering what happened today. Is there anything you can tell us about this usual eclipse?”
Fellis: “Of course Ms. Mercer. Sometime last night I noticed Mayuri’s eye moving in the wrong direction, it seems to settle at the horizon and wait till morning. Today’s eclipse was magical in nature, something was using magic to tether Mayuri’s eye in front of the sun, stranger still it seemed to be set to our nations dawn.”
VoO: “Why would someone or something want an eclipse like this to happen?”
Fellis: “There are a number of rituals that can only be performed during an eclipse, but I think the real reason is that during an eclipse it’s easier to contact spirits and the planes lay lines get charged. Someone likely wanted to build up their power to perform something well beyond their own abilities.”
VoO: “Should we be worried? The idea that someone is trying to do something well beyond their power sounds pretty scary, especially if they’re responsible for holding Mayuri’s eye in place for so long.”
Fellis: “I don’t think we have anything to worry about, a little after high sun (noon) the power holding the moon in place started to fade rapidly. This would suggest that those helping to cast the ritual were interrupted in some way until enough of them were interrupted that they could no longer hold Mayuri’s eye in place. That suggests that whatever was planned was interrupted before it reached completion.”
VoO: “I’ve heard some magic has a kick back if it’s not properly completed, do we have to worry about any magical fallout?”
Fellis: “Most rituals have immediate results for failure or disruption, we should be safe but I can’t say we won’t see any side effects. Something this powerful likely was a large scale ritual, and thus the effects could simply be delayed or slowly building up as the residual magic settles.”
VoO: “Fellis thank you for that. If you have time to stick around I’d love to chat with you about the state of magic in the world.”
Fellis: “Of course Ms. Mercer. Thank you for having me.”


VoO: “Weather for 9th of Summer, it looks like the rain we’ve had today will continue. Rolling thunder and lightning is also forecast, so be careful out there.”

Pantheon Watch

VoO: “Keeping an eye on the Divine, I have Pantheon Priest Ikiru here today.”
Ikiru: “Mayuri’s light guide you.”
VoO: “Mayuri’s light guide you as well. Ikiru you keep an eye on the actions of the gods, is there anything new the people of Orion should be aware of?”
Ikiru: “As some may remember, Cernos continues his creation of new beasts, each more impressive and terrifying than the last. Seven years ago we were introduced to the Thunder Lizard known as the Tyrannosaurus Rex, some believe it is time for another of Cernos’s creations. To be honest we can not make any assumptions of the deity, however I have heard from a good friend of mine who is a Priestess of Cernos. The whim of the deity seems to be focused around creating a new mortal race, partially because Cernos has yet to create a being of high intellect.”
VoO: “Another mortal race? And speculation on what they would be?”
Ikiru: “We as a people worship Cernos through the Thunder Chaser games, a beautiful competition working side by side with Cernos’s first creation the Raptor. Perhaps we will see Raptor kin, or perhaps a broader species of Thunder kin. I do not mean to make presumptions for Cerno’s creations, but your imagination will provide a good image of what they may look like.”
VoO: “Thanks Ikiru, it’s been interesting to hear about the whims of the divine.”

Dragon News

VoO: “Continuing our weekly report on the Residuum Crisis. For those who remember, the Dragon Wars were fought years before the Nox-Stahlwacht War. Dragon Hunters from the Noxian University and Chakain Kaiju Hunters set out to harvest Residuum from Dragon bones. Old dragon graveyards were targeted as well as young dragons. In a few years the Dragons became protective of their bone yards, and the Draco-Lich ”/wikis/cult-the-seven-dragons" class=“wiki-page-link”> Vanlith rose in Nox to protect the bones of the dead, the two major Noxian bone yards are under Vanlith’s protection. The other seven dragons rose to power through similar means, either claiming a bone yard to protect or simply being the strongest. It’s reached the point where it is now, no dragon can be slain because no group of dragon hunters is strong enough to defeat them, and no dragon hunter can get that strong because there are no younger dragons to defeat in order to train. As a result the primary source of Residuum, dragon bones, has been a diminishing resource, and the secondary source magical items have also been on the decline, more on that later. This lack of Residuum has caused the Chakain economy to shift from Residuum based technologies to mechanical steam power. The biggest draw back has been the amount of power, hence the fall of the Aircraft, known to Chakains as Dragon Flyers. The new mechanical steam engines are to heavy and don’t produce the same level of power to support flight, however there are still a few aircraft in service today for those who can afford the price. The Quigley Family, owners of Quick Airstrip transportation services, are the primary air transportation service in the known world. The Quigley family is working on developing a steam engine that can bring flight back to the masses, a dream at this time but perhaps one day we will return to the skies. Until then let’s refocus on the state of magic in the world."

State of Magic

VoO: “I have the Dragon blooded Court Sorceress Fellis with me in the studio today, say hello again Fellis.”
Fellis: “Greetings people of Orion.”
VoO: “I was talking about the old practice of converting magic items to residuum, would you like to explain why this practice is now illegal?”
Fellis: “It’s not strictly illegal, disenchantment is allowed as long as the magic is demon, devil, or evil focused. Lots of magic items were disenchanted and the residuum was used in engines. It took a while before we started to realize that the magic stored in residuum was being expended faster than the source of the magic would refresh it. We quickly discovered that whatever the source of magic is, produces it at a set rate. The mortal races are capable of producing this magic energy, however most make pacts with other beings in an attempt to borrow that beings source of magic.”
VoO: “So we were effectively using magic faster than we could produce it.”
Fellis: “Correct, with the creation of large fleets of personal vehicles Residuum was used so quickly that we couldn’t keep up. The focus on technology also turned a lot of those who would be interested in the study of magic away from that line of study and back to developing new technologies. With this there were fewer persons who learned to tap into their own magic generation. As a result the production of magical items has greatly dropped off, and the amount of magic in our world has also dropped.”
VoO: “So citizens of Orion should bring any magic items they find to their local Magistrate and receive the value of the item for it’s collection. Thanks Fellis for that update on magic in our world.”


Thunder Chasers Northern Regional will take place on the 11th of Summer.

Radio Archive 002

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