Silver Scars

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Silver Scars

The Silver Scars is a bounty hunter group made up completely of afflicted Lycanthropes.

Theme: Imagine Dragons – Warriors


‘Leader’ Bard (Gunslinger): Rebecca ‘Silver Claw’ Edwards
Ranger (Gunslinger): Ethan ‘Silver Fang’ Edwards
Sorcerer (Dragon Origin): Hidorim ‘Silver Wing’ Dragonsong
Barbarian/Mystic (Psi-Blade): Haze ‘Silver Void’ Voidwalker


Officially brought together in Winter of 1004 CE, the group consisted of just the Edwards and Dragonsong. Haze came along rather recently, at the end of Summer 1007 CE, the newest and youngest addition she still manages to fit in perfectly despite her oddities.

Silver Scars

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