The Dark King

The Dark King ‘Leon’

The Dark King is said to have seated his throne next to the First Flame, jeliously guarding it’s power and connection to the Astral Sea. Little is know about this man, aside from the fact he was hundreds of years old, human, and fed off the power of the flame in order to stay young. —Kyi-Lundre’s Book of Historical Myths and Legends

DM Commentary

The Dark King ended up being the ‘main antagonist’ for Season 1 due to player choices in the Pilgrim Portals. He was a ruler who would employ any he trusted and would do anything to maintain power, however those he trusted were few and his long life was wasted guarding the flame instead of preparing for any real threats or building his kingdom. The king attracted mostly those of evil orientation, he captured monsters and slaved them to do his bidding, and he used the power of the Giants to build his kingdom and then tossed them away, fearing their betrayal.

Overall he wasn’t well developed as a villain, little backstory revealed, a simply enemy that threatens the players chances of ever ending the Dark Sign. Smug with power and a tough fight, his undoing was ironically the flame itself.

The Dark King had the Dark Sign created by a mage-slave Yavin, a well guarded secret fact. Public knowledge is that the Arch Mage Davron is responsible for the curse, and it was used to find a warrior strong enough to fight the demon the King holds at bay. In reality the King was not fighting any demon, but the public knew of the caged Kaiju and believed. The curse allowed for the capture of essence from those marked by it at the moment of their death, however a few players noticed that there’s more to it than even the king knew, there is another plane where the souls of those who die go, and there’s a mansion there… What was Yavin planning in adding this to the Dark Sign curse?

The Dark King

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