The Glade of the Crescent Moon

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The Glade of the Crescent Moon


857 CE: ~50, exclusively Lycanthropes, Shifters, and a few Elves.
1007 CE: ~300, predominately Lycanthropes, Shifters, and Elves in that order.


The Glade originally formed when the large population of cursed individuals on Kana wanted a better life, no longer having to hide what they were and working together to keep everyone safe from the Afflicted Lycanthropes among them. Predominately rangers and druids at first, the Glade has grown to include anyone with a strong connection to nature or family connected to the curse of Lycanthropy.

Views on Automail

Being a group heavily focused on nature, Automail is viewed negatively. It’s a technological solution to something magic has had a solution for, since time immemorial.


The Glade became well know for their deep understanding of poisons and alchemical potions. A right of passage for some from the glade is referred to as The Trail of the Glade, and has been picked up by Noxian Monster Hunters despite it’s high mortality rate among humans.

Notable People of the Glade

Dolenleth (Finn) Aschendale
Estellon Aschendale (Rain Meliamne)
Gil “Gilly” Aschendale
Gwathra Meliamne
Sif (Kalamar Arvandor)
Tessa Dúbar

The Glade of the Crescent Moon

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