The Lost Lands

The Lost Lands is a plane of existence where things removed from history are stored. Time does not pass for those residing in the lost lands, try can not grow old and their physical condition can’t change, wounds suffered don’t naturally close, and most living here eventually are driven mad by years of pain, other end their own suffering early. Only the larger kingdoms have managed to survive, however their populations are unable to increase due to the time stasis.

A method to reach the Lost Lands was discovered in 850 CE by Howl allowing him to free his people in Elysium from being trapped in time. Some have stayed, others have left, and some leave to heal or raise children and return afterwards. There are a few Portals to the Lost Lands that have been erected, but through the ages they haven’t been maintained and their locations have become lost as society started focusing inward.

Notable Lost Locations

The Kingdom of Elysium
The Kingdom of Atlantis

The Lost Lands

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