The Other Realm

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In this strange other realm our heroes have visited from time to time, they had strange experiences, and now enjoy strange effects.

Bahresh has a feeling this other realm is the new Astral Sea and also Mayuri’s eye, also known as the second moon.

Current Main Party

Party Bonus:
~Unified in the Elements: +1 to hit and damage when potentially dealing attuned Elemental damage.

Gilly: (Fire Attuned)
~Vulnerability to Fire Damage
~Passed up further elemental power to restore Fusilis.

Naicelle: (Fire Attuned)
~bound to Fusilis.

Innr: (Radiant Attuned)
~Vulnerability to Radiant Damage
~Embrace the Light (Celestial Heritage): Gain Resistance Radiance, gain Light Cantrip, Lesser Restoration once per long rest, and Daylight once per long rest.

Bahresh: (Cold Attuned)
~Vulnerability to Cold Damage
~Family Chill: Parents Pistol received an extra Weapon Dice of cold damage, on a critical hit target is paralyzed until the end of their next turn.

Jex: (Lightning Attuned)
~Is not treated as an ally to anyone, and if the turn ends and there are no conscious adjacent allies to you take 1d8 Psychic damage.
~Electric Automail: Attacks made with Automail Limbs gain 1d6 extra Lightning Damage.

Ivan: (Thunder Attuned)
~Vulnerability to Thunder Damage
~Is not considered an ally to anyone and spells that have a positive effect simply have no effect.
~Nova the Wolfdog is elementally bound to Ivan.

Sssol: (Acid Attuned)
~Acidic Binding: Melee weapon gains 1 Weapon Dice of Acid Damage, can be assigned during attunement.

Other Known Individuals

They’ve been to the other realm, but aren’t player characters.

Mute: (Poison Attuned)
~Has developed Poison glands, allowing her to spit poison.

  • Mute followed the group into the portal back in Rheinland, when the Acolyte arrived it seemed to have Poison focused abilities.

Kase: (Psychic Attuned)
~Has developed basic Psionic imprinting, able to read information from personal effects.

  • Kase followed the group into the portal back in Rheinland, when the Acolyte arrived it seemed to have Psychic focused abilities.

The Other Realm

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