Town Trenton





The Trenton Times Printers

Printers of the Trenton Times, they’ve got one of the few automatic type setter machines in Orion. Newspaper for the Northern Region of Orion, they print hundreds of copies every night and have them delivered to neighboring cities in the North Region before noon.

Victoria Ohm’s Laboratory

Home and laboratory of Victoria Ohm, the eccentric inventor of the Wire. She doesn’t live on Steam Street but the artifact in her laboratory powers the entirety of Steam Street.

Steam Street

A street filled with the latest in technology as well as unique arts and artists.

  • Maelstrom Textiles: Textile factory, mixing machinery and worker, they also work low level magic weaves into the textiles, Rufus Vigo owner and wizard.
  • Young Auto-carriage Repairs: Local mechanic shop that builds, salvages, and repairs auto-carriages and other mechanical devices, Kara Young owner and mechanic.
  • Wayward Firearms: Manufacturer of firearms, ammunition, and magical modifications, Torgram Elderstone dwarf owner, wizard, and craftsman.
  • Mango Club: Restaurant and Speakeasy that experiments with various cultural foods, new music, and have a large supply of alcohol from around the world. You’ll hear the start of Swing Music, drink wine and whisky that’s rumored to come from lands across the great ocean, and eat food from Chakai, The 13 Kingdoms, and The Wild Lands. Shogh ‘Show’ Boneknitter, female half-orc owner, chef, and bartender; she has a small staff running the kitchen, Dragonborn Nesskan (14 Kingdoms cook), Minotaur Asterak Boulderhide (Wild Lands cook and bartender), and Elf Meriele (Chakain cook).
  • Yunshi Min Pharmaceutical: Manufacturer of Yunshi brand Ease cigarettes, Yunshi brand Delight cigars, Bellamora, Morpheous, and Bronze Dust. Lady Yunshi Min owner and pharmacist.
  • Automail: Marta “Vel” Velasquez’s shop where she creates, repairs, and even installs Automail.
  • Heritage Machinery: Custom design machine shop, creators of devices based on needs and desires of customers. Bahlin Quartzbeard, Dwarf, Owner, tinkerer.
  • Gilded Song: Instrument shop, musical enchantments, and home of a well known bard for Northern Orion, Owner Keros Cobaryd, Drow Bard.
  • Spell and Gear: Magic and Automation shop, specialize in repeating crossbows and Magical Crossbow Turrets. Tiefling Pure, Owner, Sorceress, and tinkerer.

Town Trenton

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