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Naicelle’s note

I’m not sure which of you is going to find this, but I’m sorry. The only way I can ensure Kahn’s death revolves around limiting uncontrollable factors, sadly that means all of you. I needed Rahsai for one of her Glade poisons and apparently she handles the Manta-Ray extremely well. Sara’s been pieced back together and is working on her spell cannon, I’m going to need a few of her spells to pull this off flawlessly. On our way out, we ran into those four mercenaries again, Rebecca and her gang. They wanted a ride as close to Blackmarsh as we’d take them and they’d take care of the magic keeping the Mobius locked down, without Kara I had to accept their deal, and they held their end of the bargain. They’re leaving as I write this. Rebecca left saying she hopes to see all of us after our business in Blackmarsh is dealt with. They think we’re going after the Exilarchy as well, I told them I wasn’t sure we would and bubbly one Haze just smiled.

Innr, I know you likely want to be there when it happens, but the way you’ve described Kahn, I think he wants nothing more than to see you again, he’s expecting you and you’ve always been impulsive, I think he’s relying to heavily on that. Having someone else take care of your problems isn’t the way you’d do it, so it’s the perfect way to hit him. I’m sorry, I’m not sure I can understand how important this was to you, a mark has never been anything more than a job to me.

Jex, even if you could have drug Kahn into a legitimate duel, the fan fair and crowd in a city this size would keep us from making the kill or if we managed the kill, it would again place another murder on this group, and one that can’t be brushed off as easily. I can’t let you or the group take that risk. Your noble title might shield you from little things, but if they’ve pinned murder on you, it doesn’t matter who you are, you’ll be executed.

Gil, don’t blame yourself for this, I did what I needed to do to make this a sure thing. By the time you get into Blackmarsh it’ll be done, you can meet me at the Silver Sparrow, I think we’ll both need a drink. I’m not sure what shape I’ll be in after this.

Kara, sorry for taking the Manta-Ray, we needed a way to get to Blackmarsh a few days before any of you could. I know you just got it fixed up, but we’ll take good care of it, Rahsai seems to be taking to it, but I’m not sure if she’s just curious about something new.

Everyone, I’m sorry for stranding you and we’ll worry about Ingrid afterwards, without Kahn no one should be pushing to keep her in prison, so we’ll just need to clear her name or break her out, and with the trial over you should be free to simply negotiate for her release. Again, I’m sorry, but this is the only way this was going to work, I can’t have any of your indecisiveness or emotional investment in this. It just needs to be cut and dry, find the means to kill Kahn, and do it without fan fair. I refuse to be responsible for any of your deaths, if something goes wrong I don’t think even Bahresh can bring me back. Should that happen, it’s been fun traveling with you all and I wish you the best in saving the universe.

Rasha Walks With Us,
-Naicelle Sharpquill

Writing Archive 004

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