Welcome to the Age of Orion

Welcome to a land where Magic is dying and Technology is attempting to takes its place; where Adventurers are thought mad to surrender the safety of civilization for the madness that has become the wild lands beyond the gates. Welcome to the Age of Orion, the Renewal of Legends.


If you’re seeing this because you followed our flyer at The Sage’s Shoppe, then congrats, you’ve found the right place! Send the DM an email and please feel free to explore the site to find out info about the setting! We play at the Shoppe on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM.

Actual Play Podcast

If you were told to listen to the Actual Play cast, follow this link to the Archive.

Game resources

Perhaps you just stumbled across this campaign, feel free to look around, see if this is the kind of game that would interest you, listen in, or feel free to borrow any of the additional rules, plots, or items for your own game.

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Age of Orion

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